So, yeah.

I’m a dork.

I love to write, organize my closets, tackle DIY projects, shop in antique stores, and watch Doctor Who. As a dork, I can do ALL THE FUN THINGS!, and that is fantastic.

I’m a fan of:

God’s grace, lattes, word nerd humor, chocolate, travel, music, and action movies.

I’m NOT a fan of:

Spiders, mopping floors, peas, and the sound of Styrofoam.

I’ve had a lifelong love affair with words.

I wrote my first “book” of poetry* when I was about eight years-old and I pretty much haven’t stopped writing since. Now I write stories about children and young people who rejoice in their individuality and don’t let society define them–girls who have many interests and are just as likely to start a business or know martial arts as they are to try out for the cheerleading squad. Guys who might wear glasses and write code and learn to play the guitar or make slam dunks in their spare time. Couples who can be silly together. Families who love each other (even when it isn’t cool). Friends who stand up for one another. Hard lessons and happy endings. Plus all the heartaches, craziness, joy, frustration, and weirdness that comes in between.

When I write for adults, I write about life, love, health, the simple things, DIY tutorials, creativity, geekdom, the gospel, and how Jesus has gotten me through some really really hard times.

Home sweet home

I live in the Nashville, TN area with my husband, Daniel, and our son, as well as a lazy dog.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you

*What’s that? You want to read one of these amazingly epic and insightful poems? Well, if you insist:

When the water flows downstream to me,

My feet are wet, you see.

The water’s wet and so is me.


(I was eight. Please excuse the bad grammar.)