Countdown to WriteOnCon!

Oh, goodness. I just found out WriteOnCon will be August 13-14 this year and I am already excited! I was a passive participant last year; I followed the chat interviews, watched the Google Hangouts, read the blogs, and stalked the forums. By the end of it, I was determined I’d be an active participant the next time. I began editing my young adult novel that was closest to completion with renewed vigor so that when the next year rolled around, I’d be ready.

Well, life has taken a few unexpected twists and turns since then, so my progress slowed to a halt a few months back. Still, I just may pull it off if I apply myself.

Don’t know about WriteOnCon? The short version is it is a free online children’s writers conference that connects writers, agents, and editors via the magic of technology. It is two days of infectious enthusiasm for the written word and inspiring motivation for writers. I can’t wait!

70 days to go …

One thought on “Countdown to WriteOnCon!

  1. This free conference sounds like a great idea.
    I wonder how online conference works. For that matter, my imagination still doesn’t grasp of online anything works, so I look forward to learning more. I hope you keep reporting on this, and let us know how it turned out also.

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