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I’ve talked myself out of so many creative projects simply because I lacked confidence or knowledge, so this video from Alex Beadon inspired me recently:

I stand in my way, sometimes.

Ohhhhh, how I’ve spoken the things she mentions to myself. I stand in my way, sometimes. Okay, most times. For instance, why does everything need to be perfect and marketable? Nonsense. Sometimes being creative is just being creative. I LOVE being creative. I love it for me. I love it for how it brings people together. I love it for the community and the freedom and the amazing rush when something spills out from inside and it just flows.

Everyone started at square one at one point. That includes me. And that’s okay.

I’m not the best at many things. Okay, I’m not the best at most things. I don’t know why I let that stop me, though. As Alex pointed out, everyone started at square one at one point. That includes me. And that’s okay.

What’s holding you back? Think it through. Talk to those fears. Accept them. Let them challenge you.

What about you? Are you dying to dip your toe in the waters and attempt something new? Are you ready to stop consuming and start creating? What’s holding you back? Think it through. Talk to those fears. Accept them. Let them challenge you. Take a deep breath.

And then plunge headfirst into them.

I’m not just talking the talk. I’m going to walk the walk. Here is a list of creative endeavors I am going to try–at some point this year–either by myself, or with the help of others. If any of them interest you, too, let me know! I’d love to chat about it.

Okay. Deep breath. Here goes.

  1. Podcasting. Why not? Daniel has some of the equipment necessary and is interested in giving it a shot, so we might go in on something together.
  2. Video. Yikes! I’m soooooo not photogenic. I’m the dorkiest of dorks in front of a camera, but like the video above from Alex Beadon, I’ve learned so much from the videos from others. I’d like to try my hand at it.
  3. Digital publishing. I *heart* all the home improvement and lifestyle magazines popping up online. I get my design fix quickly and affordably through them, and I have even gone on to purchase hard copies of some because I loved them so much. Also, my bachelor’s degree was in Media Design and I double-minored in Art and Writing. My favorite assignments were those that involved laying out and creating publications. I’d like to make one of my own.
  4. Newsletter. I sign up for newsletters on a regular basis, if they help me stay on top of an industry or skill. I think it would be a fantastic challenge to create a newsletter that is actually beneficial and informative for my readers.
  5. Painting. I’m going to get back into painting for the love of it. I have wonderful memories of cranking up some music, grabbing a brush, standing in front of a blank canvas and just getting lost in the process. I’d like to recapture that feeling. I’d even like to take some oil painting or acrylics classes.
  6. Needlepoint/cross-stitch. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out on the focused, quiet intensity that can be found in these tactile crafting techniques.
  7. Photography. I want to go beyond point-and-shoot. I’m trying to learn about manual settings, and I’m playing around with Photoshop editing actions.
  8. Printmaking. Once upon a time, I wanted to make stationery for a living. I still harbor that wish, but I’d settle for learning to print my own artwork, and take it from there. Specifically, I’m interested in screen printing, block printing, and the oh-so-fabulousness that is letterpress. Be still my beating heart. I’d apprentice myself in a heartbeat if the opportunity arose to learn by doing. Any takers?
  9. Writing travel guides. I love love loooove to travel. It is one of my all-time favorite things to do. I also love to experience the small, hidden parts of a city that could easily get overlooked. I’ve been meaning to compile all of my favorite Nashville spots in a handy guide. My lack of experience with photography is holding me back, though. If I can get that figured out, and there is a good response to my little guide, then who knows? Maybe I’ll do others for other favorite spots.
  10. Prop styling. Especially with vintage items in vignettes and/or food photography as I am enjoying experimenting in the kitchen as of late.
  11. Ballroom dancing. When we were dating, Daniel and I took lessons and it was challenging and fun. I think I’d like to give it another shot now that our lives have calmed down a bit post-marriage.
  12. Collaboration. As I’ve mentioned before, I am seeking opportunities to create in tandem with others, or in a group of others. Magic happens when creatives get together for a common goal. So often in business environments, this is hampered by the bottom line or expectations. What would happen if we pooled our strengths and joined together just for the love of the art? Like I said. Magic.
  13. Education. I’d like to share what I’ve learned with younger people and adults alike. This blog is partly for that purpose, but what if I could band with others to pave the way for children, teens, and young adults to grow in their creative abilities? That would be my happy place. To know that I could help them realize their own dreams, the way that so many adults poured themselves into me when I was growing up. I want people, no matter their age, to fall in love with the creative, life-long learner lifestyle, to embrace their inner geek, and to let it out without fear.

I’m going to put myself out there. I hope you will, too.

Is the list too much? I don’t think so. I think that’s enough for now, but it is an exciting and terrifying list. Who am I to think I can do all those things, or share in them in some small way? I’m not an art student. I didn’t go to a fancy college. I don’t have credentials. That’s why the print I found by Brett Wilson that I featured at the beginning of this post speaks to me so much. I’m not even one of the cool, confident kids. I never was.

But who cares? I’m going to put myself out there. I hope you will, too.

One thought on “Creative Daydreaming

  1. Hey there girl. Quite the ambitious list you have. I took a Photography class at our local JC and it was awesome and taught me so much. Geoffrey took one for a film camera and learned about developing photos too, mine was digital and we used Photoshop. If and when you do a magazine or newsletter your cousin Jonathan does poetry, he had a dream of publishing a book perhaps you could get him to right some.
    If we were closer I would love to get out the canvas with you sounds so relaxing…I have a friend that teaches art for a home school cell and also individual and then a group lesson setting in the summer. Perhaps you could teach the youth of your church. Get the tools, get the knowledge then teach…you have so much to give to others to. I know I would be there if I could… ya honey…go for it!!!!!!!!

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