Four more days


It hit me today that October is just around the corner and with it comes my goal to whip the plot of my work-in-progress into shape. It has been the oddest feeling this month to actively avoid thinking about my manuscripts. Each time the books have come to mind, I’ve acknowledged the thought and then let it pass on through my mind without dwelling on it. (How very yoga of me. My former instructor would be proud.) Part of me panics when that happens. What if I don’t remember that thought? What if it was an important plot point and I just let it get away?

But then I relax. This is what I needed. I know that. I needed to completely disengage so I could jump back in with renewed vigor next month.

So now, with four more days until the end of September, I am easing my way back into engagement. I’m getting excited, and a little terrified. This is it. This is the time I’ve planned on taking to tackle the remaining plot points and hash out the rest of the messy first draft.

I can do this.

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