Just Checking In

Well, I am a week into my “downtime” and while I wish I could say the entire house is now spotless and I am spending hours at a time serenely playing with my kiddo, I can’t exactly say that. I can say both bathrooms have been scrubbed recently (trust me, this is, indeed, an accomplishment) and I restocked the baby food supply before I ran out. Barely.

Also, I threw out a bathroom trashcan’s worth of expired health and beauty products I had been storing in my linen closet. I can now, you know, store linens in the linen closet again. This is a good feeling.

I have a feeling this whole get-the-house-in-order-so-I-can-focus-on-my-writing thing is going to take longer than expected at the current rate of one surface or cupboard being tackled per nap.

BUT! I wrote the rough draft of a picture book idea this week. That was unexpected. See what crazy things your brain might do when you give it orders to rest? Yeah. Weird how that works.

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