Living with eternity in mind

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I found this note in my computer files from a little over three years ago. I was less than a month away from Daniel’s and my wedding … I’ve edited it a bit for clarity, but I thought I’d share my musing with you today:

So I was on my way to lunch at the ultimate healthy meal company … McDonald’s … and realized that I am living a full life. I’ve got a good job at a great company. I’m marrying the man of my dreams. I have friends that have stuck with me through the thick and the thin.

And then I thought about how heaven has to be a gazillion times more amazing than our imaginations can dream, yet I’m happy eating a grilled chicken sandwich and a caramel sundae.

Living with eternity in mind–those moments I can–makes me all the more aware how small and nearsighted my earthly desires really are.

My note to myself didn’t mean I wasn’t grateful for that McDonald’s meal. I was, and rightly so. It just made me remember again that God’s grace is vast. I ask for ice cream … he gives forgiveness and salvation. He made a way for me, a lowly sinner, to enjoy fellowship with Him for eternity. That is worth far more than a value meal!

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