Ready. Set. WRITE! {Week 4 Update}

Hello! ThRSWCoffeeis is a post about my progress towards goals I am making in a summer writing initiative hosted by lovely writers Alison, Erin, Jaime, and Katy. We’re posting our goals publicly, cheering each other on, and reporting back via link party to let everyone know how we’re doing. Why not join us?


1.  How I did on last week’s goals

Word Count – 6, 090 to bring me up to speed. EPIC FAIL.

2,171. Despite my best efforts, 5,300 (or more!) words in a week is just more than I realistically can handle right now.

Draft a Query for my WiP CHECK!

Read a few chapters in The Girls of Atomic CityCHECK!

Survive P90X3 CHECK! 

Before anyone gets too impressed, I have to admit I’m taking it easy because I’m being gentle on my post-c-section abs and sometimes choosing to write over working out. But I did at least the majority of 3 out of 5 workouts with my husband. I’m happy with that! (And the whole he does the cooking thing is a sweet deal. Check out this breakfast he made for me … yum!)

2.  My goal(s) for this week

Word Count –  Back to 2,500 words again. Same as two weeks ago. It seems more doable.

Start an outline – It will be REALLY rough, but I need to start somewhere.

Raise the stakes – Per this tweet, my helpful husband suggests New York strip. Ahem.

Print out my Rip Current draft – I had set aside the first draft of this contemporary YA project when life got crazy (pregnancy and newborn); I think I’m ready to begin edits now. Fun fact: both of my current projects involve the ocean. I think I miss it.

3.  A favorite line from my story OR one word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised


Most of which will probably be cut in revisions later, but I’m just hashing things out for now.

4.  The biggest challenge I faced this week

Still plot. *sigh*

5.  Something I love about my WiP

The exotic setting. My “Future” Pinterest inspiration board hints at it.

*** UPDATE: I made a last-minute decision to do Camp NaNoWriMo as part of my goal-reaching. Anyone want to join me in a private cabin? ***

8 thoughts on “Ready. Set. WRITE! {Week 4 Update}

  1. Part of this setting goals thing is finding what works for you and it sounds like you are doing just that. No shame there! And 2000 plus words is better than none! Go you!

    Also, that picture is making me hungry! Yum! Have a great week!

  2. Writing is always hard with a baby around–especially a newborn! I feel like it always took a little while for my brain to get back to writing after having a baby, too. I was drained–body & mind! Good luck on your goals this week 🙂

  3. I agree with Alison – it’s good to figure out what you can realistically accomplish. 2K+ words in a week is pretty good! Plus it’s awesome you accomplished everything else on your list. Good luck with all of your goals this week.

  4. Realistic goals are important — I have a feeling I set my goal WC wayyyyy too high for the next week. Also, P90X is no freaking joke! I used to love those workouts. Then I had a baby and switched to T25 for the time factor. Good job on working out, mama!

  5. Plot is my biggest stumbling block, too–it’s so hard! Hopefully the outline will help you work through it 🙂 Hope you can hit your word count this week–2500 is a decent amount of words to add, for sure! Actually, any and all words added are decent, no matter what amount, I think. Good luck!

  6. I so agree about the realistic goals. I usually think in daily word counts, and I went through a stage where I told myself 250-500 was the goal. It was low enough that I usually met it and felt accomplished.
    Good for you on accomplishing all of your list–and yay for your husband taking over the cooking! 🙂

  7. 2171 is a great number! Especially since you crossed off all that other stuff on your list! Yay for progress! And great job doing P90X. I can’t imagine the craziness.

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