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ORGANIZING – Remember back in September, when I was getting my house in order? I’m still in the middle of that. It is a never-ending process, I guess. Right  now I’m participating in a Lenten decluttering project started by Ann Marie of White House Black Shutters. It is called 40 Bags in 40 Days, and I’m about 25 bags into the process. Five years of marriage, three moves, and one baby later, and I think Daniel and I have finally combined and pared-down our belongings. Yikes.

SLEEPING – Sleep was also an issue in September. It still is, I guess. Just a better issue. Toddlerhood has not changed our son’s night waking schedule, but it has vastly improved his naps and bedtime, so I can’t complain. Much. In fact, I can pretty consistently depend on naps and bedtime for uninterrupted writing time, if I take the opportunity. (Sometimes you just have to veg after chasing a one-year-old all day.)

WRITING – I’m still working on my science fiction project. I tweeted the other day that my story seems to be coming together from the outside-in. I’ve figured out the ending, and have a beginning that matches it. Now I just need the middle, and I am filling in scenes in my tentative outline in Scrivener as they come to me. The science-y aspects still are my nemesis, but I will not give up! Which brings me to my last little update …

March is halfway over. April is coming quickly, and with it Camp NaNoWriMo. This year I’m going to keep working on my current project. I don’t have any concrete goals this time around, but I am excited to be bunking with some local writer friends (hi Amy, and Cassie!). It is nice to be out of the baby haze and getting my creativity back, and even nicer to have like-minded people coming alongside to keep me honest and cheer me on in my progress.

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