Writing Progress Update 1.1

Andrea Brame | Writing Progress Update | Inching closer to finishing the First Draft of Doom!

Not many words written today. More questions than answers. Lots of what-ifs and uh-oh-now-I-have-to-fix-thats. But I’m moving forward. It’s a first draft, ya know? These things happen.

I’ve hit a point where I am questioning my writing and my plot choices and feeling a little burned out. It will pass. It always does. But, first, I’m going to finish my 10,000 word goal for Camp NaNoWriMo and then take the weekend off. I just need a little breather to refocus and recharge my creativity. Honestly, at this point, I consider this par for the course. If I didn’t feel like this, I’d be more worried, because it would mean I wasn’t pouring everything I had into my writing.

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